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The Truth about Lab Grown Diamonds

Some prefer lab grown, and some prefer naturally mined diamonds. Whilst staying true to our ethos, Making Jewellery Personal is what we do. We do both!

Price: Generally speaking Lab diamonds are up to 70% less in price that their grade specific counter parts. Although we have seen the prices of lab diamonds depreciate since their inception top the consumer market, it has appears to have reached a stable price level in recent months.

Did you know? In 2018 the American FTC regulated that a lab grown diamond may be called a diamond! As we don't advocate for either, we support the uniqueness of each individual and understand that needs are different.

The Science

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that have been manufactured in a laboratory by replicating the natural process of diamond formation. They are created from real, authentic carbon and often have the same physical, optical, and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds. That being said, lab grown diamonds tend to be more affordable, conflict-free, and more regularly available in a wider variety of shapes and sizes than mined diamonds.


We don’t dispute the fact that Natural diamonds holds more value than Lab Grown diamonds. But it is does not mean that Lab diamonds offer no value at all.

Firstly, they have some value, primarily because there is a cost associated to manufacture them.

Secondly, they are more accessible and affordable, meaning they can help a couple that starts out on the journey of life with a limited budget to acquire a decent quality for example a 1.00ct diamond and in doing so avoid either making debt or paying thousands for a naturally mined diamond. They may just have many other priorities to budget for and this is one major value proposition Lab diamonds holds to potential consumers.

Yes, you will most likely never be able to sell them for what you paid for it, but at least you will own a real diamond (formed in a lab) that will last a lifetime and fits as one of the pieces in the puzzle of your unique life story.

The Third aspect of Lab diamonds is their relatively low impact on the environment, or as some may call it, their low carbon footprint.

Some lab diamond manufacturers even claims to have a carbon neutral footprint. Whilst lab grown technology may still be in its infancy, it surely provide an earth friendly alternative to those who want to help care for the planet that was left to us to steward.

Price Comparison


Colour : E Clarity : VS Carat : 1.00ct

USD $10,700 USD 3,200

ZAR 192,000 ZAR 57,000


Colour : H Clarity : VS Carat : 1.00ct

Naturally Mined Lab Grown

USD $8,000 USD 2,400

ZAR 120,000 ZAR 40,000

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