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TVOD, The True Value of Diamonds

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

What is TVOD (True Value Of Diamonds)?

How can it be measured and quantified?Having been with a brand family that holds covenant at the very top of its core values, I have learnt the immense value of relationships, of connections and of diversity. 

We often speak about the true symbol of gifting. What is a gift meant to resemble other than, "I thought about you"? (which in itself is a kind & noble gesture)

What can truly send a message of devotion and commitment to those relationships you value most?

There are few materials on earth that can outlast eternity, few that can withstand fire and brimstone, few that can irradiate hope and beauty. The 'forever' character embedded in a diamond makes it worth much more than its price tag. 

Nothing sends a message like a diamond. It creates pathways in our brains, it creates happy memories, it enables vivid snapshots of memorable moments. It carries a sentiment, it cements legacy. 

When we give a diamond, we should remind our loved ones and those we care for, that this too shall pass, that Covid19 will pass. Thus, we ought to give a diamond as a reminder of this moment forever. 

When you give a diamond for the present, you forever seal a memory. It is not about size or quality. It is about a message of 'Now Here', overcoming and rising to a brilliant future. 

Did you know, LOUIE DANIELE Diamond Co is a custom-made jewellery house and diamond specialist? Our combined experience exceeds a 100 years in diamonds.

Because of TVOD we advise on being correctly equipped before making your diamond purchase decision.

We are committed to serving you with expert knowledge and guidance on buying diamonds for your loved ones and those special connections. We also provide sound advice on investment diamonds.

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Yours in diamonds. 


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