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8mm   |   Brushed Center    |   Polished Step Edge

Sizes: P, R, T, V, X, Z   All other sizes, subject to back-order availability.

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TUNGSTEN Trivia 8mm | Flat Brushed Polished Edges

Artikelnummer: LD500
Preisab 2.890,00R
    • Engraving done at own risk. 
    • Engraving on tungsten rings negates its warranty.
    • Engraving being an aftermarket service, is not covered under the six month carry in warranty. 
    • Should your Tungsten ring break after engraving, the cost for replacement is for your account. 
    • By proceeding with this purchase, you accept the after-sale engraving terms and appoint LD to have the item engraved on your behalf. 
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