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BERRY Trillium Stud Earring.


The Trillium Stud Earring is a stunning piece of jewellery that adds romance to any outfit.


It is beautifully crafted with white gold (9K) and set with eco-pink sapphire and eco-pink tourmaline. 


The actual gem colours may vary from the visual, which makes each pair of earrings unique. 


- Hand-finished in South Africa by LOUIE DANIELE ®

- Professional appraisal certificate included.

- Made from fair-trade metal and conflict-free gems/diamonds.

- Lifetime authenticity warranty.

BERRY Trillium Stud

Artikelnummer: JES116.BERRY-9W
8.985,00R Standardpreis
  • The item ships in 7 - 10 Working Days

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