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Summer Proposal Tips and Ideas

Updated: Oct 15, 2021


1. Check the weather report! We don’t want your special day to be drowned out.

2. Come prepared for the elements. If you’re going to be outdoors, make sure you have some shade, bug spray, an umbrella and some water!

3. Perfect timing! Make sure you know what time of day you want to propose. Factor in the amount of Sunlight/lighting you will need, and what’s going to look best in pictures. Sunrise and Sunset shoots always look amazing! Also, nobody want’s to be too sweaty in their enga

gement pics, so maybe avoid a midday proposal if it’s going to be too hot.

4. Care for your ring. Make sure you have a safe spot for your ring, where your future fiancé won’t be able to sneak a peek at it.

5. What to wear? Make sure you and your special lady are dressed appropriately. You want her to look good, but also don’t want her to be tracking up a mountain in heels.


1. Go on an adventure! Whether it's your favourite spot, or somewhere you have never visited before. Get your future fiancé's excitement levels high, before you pop the question!

2. Set up a couple's photoshoot and give it to your soon-to-be as a gift to celebrate a birthday/anniversary or occasion. Inform the photographer about your plans and have them capture the moment in High Definition!

3. Take her on a scavenger hunt. It could be one set up by you or a group of friends, and have the very last treasure be her engagement ring.

4. Tell her that you are taking her on a fancy night out and give her a reason to dress up. Take her to your favourite restaurant, or space with a private section. Make sure you set the mood and have an incredible view of your surroundings!

5. Give a forever gift. Christmas proposals are one of the most special times to celebrate!

Wrap up her engagement ring in a massive box, and have her unwrap every layer until she gets to the ring box.

6. Create a personal puzzle which says "Will You Marry Me?". Jumble up the pieces, and make the puzzle together, and once she realises what it says, get down on one knee with a sparkling ring!

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